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—Experience the POWER OF STORY to engage your students in studying history!—
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“Accomplishes the difficult feat of making history come alive through fiction.”
Dr. Clayborne Carson, Martin Luther King Jr. Research and Education Institute


“A rich and vividly written narrative which transports the reader through American history.”
Dr. Todd Beach, 2010 Minnesota Social Studies Teacher of the Year


The FOG MACHINE in Concurrent Enrollment Programs

St. James High School reads The FOG MACHINE in English 151, a “College Now” course offered through Southwest Minnesota State University, and meets with the author to discuss.

Find ideas for teaching The FOG MACHINE.

Choosing The FOG MACHINE as a Resource for Teaching Civil Rights History

Literacy Daily features The FOG MACHINE with National Book Award winner and Longlist authors Woodson, Sheinkin, and Wiles in “Putting Books to Work: New Takes on the Civil Rights Movement.

Teaching for Change carries The FOG MACHINE in its bookstore and includes it in Teaching Resources on its Civil Rights Teaching site.

Teaching Tolerance includes an excerpt in Perspectives for a Diverse America, a literacy-based curriculum that marries anti-bias social justice content with the rigor of the Common Core State Standards.

MN ISD #196 selects The FOG MACHINE for its Secondary Social Studies Teachers Fall 2015 Book Study Group.

Including The FOG MACHINE in Your School’s Collection

The FOG MACHINE is available for purchase from your preferred library sources.

English Language Arts and Gifted and Talented Teacher Theresa Back purchases signed copies of The FOG MACHINE for the 8th-grade English Department at Scott Highlands Middle School’s collection of novels on prejudice and bias while attending a “Stories from Civil Rights History, Then and Now” event.

Kicking off Post-publication Classroom Visits

Classroom visits began in Mississippi, during the June 2014 book launch, at the Meridian Freedom Project, a college pathway program in the spirit of the 1964 freedom schools.

Morning meeting at the Meridian Freedom Project concludes with freedom songs. From here, I was off to visit with 6th, 7th, and 8th-grade rhetoric classes, where students and teachers brainstormed in response to the targeted prompt:

“I have a dream that one day...”

We then compared their dreams to those of actual 1964 Meridian Freedom School students and fictional students in The FOG MACHINE.


Navigating Pre-Publication with a Little Help from My Friends

Thank you to the many educators and students who have graciously read pre-publication versions of The FOG MACHINE. Your feedback and support have been instrumental.    

Students from Mississippi’s McComb High and Washington’s The Overlake School await the video conference to discuss their pilot read of Advance Review Copies. Their teachers sought a shared language to allow students to talk about civil rights history and race when Overlake visited McComb in April 2014. Copies of The FOG MACHINE rode the bus with students as they toured historic civil rights sights.


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